Our course is set up to give the shooter a chance to have fun, break some targets, and practice for the hunting season. Stations are set up to try and simulate shots that the average hunter would take while in the field. From high flying teal, to jumping ducks, to bouncing rabbits, we offer a variety of presentations. The main theme of the course is safety and fun, for the individual as well as the family.

The course is set up on well groomed trails leading to 10 shooting stations making it safe and easy to get around. Trap boys take out each squad and lead them to each station as well as letting the shooters know what to expect. Sporting clays are thrown in pairs, a true pair, both at once, a following pair, one behind the other, or a report pair, the second target is released after the first target is shot at.

League shooting for clays is also offered. Teams consist of three shooters. You do not have to shoot together as a team, and may shoot as far ahead as you like. Teams will have 14 dates from May till September to get in 10 scores, so it is not a weekly thing. League shooters shoot along with open shooters. Same targets as open shooting but with different score sheets.

At different times through the summer and fall we offer 100 bird shoots, with a special Lewis Class purse. Again 100 bird shooters shoot alongside open and league shooters just a different sheet.

All shoots start at 10am and the last squad goes out at 3pm, all shoots are open to the public, food and refreshments served on the grounds. For more information call our club at 920-478-3747 or use our web site waterloogunclub.org.

Beginners as well as the old seasoned shooters are welcome.

We hope you get a chance to stop in and shoot with us this summer and enjoy a fun, safe, shooting experience.